We Are The Digital Order Media Group

A Group of People With Similar Interests

There comes a point where a community grows to something more than it was thought to be.

That has happened to us. We are, at our core, a community of gamers, geeks, roleplay fanatics and generally people who like to be entertained. The Digital Order aims to fill the gap between our communities. We try to reach people on a human level, without discrimination, and with a belief that we can make a difference. We host content creators and communities all with a similar interest and goal.

Content Creators

In a digital age, media and digital entertainment is an important aspect of many people's every day lives. We love what we do as content creators, whether we aim to entertain or to inform. There's no barrier to entry, no view limit, follower limit or sub limit - all you have to do is apply. We create because we have a drive and a passion for it.


Community is a huge part of what we do here. Our founder created the Digital Order because he thought that communities are an essential part of content creation and gaming as a whole, and beyond that community is what the basis of online life has become. The communities here are all friendly, they welcome new people, and are always there to lend a helping hand.